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Flight Plans

The Safest Hands in the Business

Knowing you can rely on an expert flight planning team and can access it 24 hours a day, 365 days a year brings a multitude of benefits when you go about planning your trips. Knowing that whatever scenario unfolds, you have over 50 years of combined flying and flight planning experience working for you – even in the most remote of locations – gives you that priceless feeling of safety and security.
Having an expert team provide an in-depth consultation for your journey, rapidly analyzing all the necessary parameters, such as air traffic, airspaces and aircraft performance data and making the best judgments to serve your mission, mean you have the luxury of sitting back and enjoying the journey.

We work with everything from small private carriers to large international airlines, tailoring flight plans to your individual aircraft performance parameters and departure preferences.

  • Worldwide flight planning (imperial and metric) and electronic filing
  • Multiple Route Optimization
  • EROPS/ETOPS alternate usability planning (WX/NOTAM analysis)
  • EROPS 61 - 180 minute calculations with graphical range rings
  • ETOPS 61 - 207 minute calculations with graphical range rings
  • ETOPS performance drift down (not terrain)
  • ETP planning
  • North Atlantic Track system
  • Pacific and Australian Organized Track Structure (PACOTS; AUOTS),
  • Critical fuel scenario planning
  • Oxygen performance planning
  • EU ops complaint flight plans
  • Decision point or re-clear flight plans
  • Hundreds of flight plan formats.
Additionally, you benefit from a unique Crew Briefing ID that enables you to download flight plans and weather data for any given flight.

Our Crew Briefing service features:
  • Instant real-time updates of all briefing data for all flights
  • Flight log presentation with refresh option
  • Standard area significant WX charts (selectable by crew)
  • Client registered airport information data
  • Integrated message management system
  • Company NOTAM management system
  • Upload facility of PDF briefing documents (ad hoc or stored policy)
  • Library facilities for company documents (FOM, tech logs, etc.)
  • Electronic Advanced Passenger Information System (EAPIS)
  • EAPIS services are managed by a state of the art system developed in-house.
The web-based application transmits electronic manifests to CBP’s Advance Passenger Information System (APIS) when entering or exiting the US.