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UAS News
DATE: Sep-17-2014

Due to excessive flights during the International Investment Forum Sochi 2014 and Formula 1 Russian Grand Prix, restrictions have been imposed for business aviation aircraft at Sochi aerodrome. A fine of approximately USD 40,000.00 will be applied in the event of a slot violation of more than 30 minutes. The restriction is valid from 17 Sep 20:00 2014 until 22 Sep 20:00 2014 and 06 Oct 08:00 2014 until 16 Oct 08:00 2014.

DATE: Sep-16-2014

Please be advised that a customs strike is expected at Buenos Aires Airport  on September 18th , 19th, 24th, 25th and 26th.   The impact is expected to affect all services provided to international flights. Please contact UAS operations center at opsteam@uas.ae for further details.

DATE: Sep-16-2014

Pertaining to the authorization of airline operating programs, any extra-community air carrier which never served the French territory must fill in a technical questionnaire and return it at least 10 working days before the first planned flight.

DATE: Sep-16-2014

All airlines engaged in the carriage of GCC National Pilgrims are not allowed to transport any GCC Nationals who intend to perform Hajj without obtaining the official Hajj permit with effect from 01 October.

DATE: Sep-15-2014

China will be celebrating its National Day from October 1-7. During this period, CAAC will not process any new flight requests except for ambulance and government flights or very urgent issues.