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Title: Flight Planning Specialist
Date: 10/11/2016
Reference: UAS002OPS
Position: Flight Planning Specialist

Job Description:

  • Analyze and/or define the planned ATC routing; verify and plot the route using in-house software to ensure all required permits are identified.
  • Carry out comprehensive route analysis of all sectors to be flown including fuel burn review, alternate and route selection, NOTAM and weather analysis, take off performance and fuel capacity review, airport fire category check, curfew check and similar technical flight planning support.
  • Prepare and transmit permit, PPR, slot requests, ground handling and fuel requests (as applicable) and deal with all vendors in support of your clients operation.
  • Brief the Pilot in Command about all decisions taken and reviews carry out so that they feel assured and confident that the support provided meets or exceeds expectations.
  • Additionally, carry out trip support services which includes ensuring that the agents and vendors selected are correct for the tasks for required and in line with client requirements, client preferences, suitable for aircraft type and/or flight purpose, as well as being compliant with any UAS company policies.
  • Coordinate with CAAs, Handling Agents, FBOs and associated third party vendors to follow up specific requests, ensuring attention to detail throughout the process.
  • Provide regular status and progress updates to clients in relation to the confirmations and approvals of their required services.
  • Provide a clear, easy to understand and comprehensive Trip Briefing documents to the client as well as within records submitted to Accounts.
  • Communicate clearly, politely, and promptly with all internal and external stakeholders involved in the overall process.
  • Provide careful flight watch of every client operation. The tracking of flights on a live basis is as important as getting the planning stage correct.
  • Use company systems and references at all times, so as to capture latest information and maximize efficiency.
  • Answer all inquiries from clients and UAS Sales teams relating to operational feasibility requirements.
  • Support clients, offer them alternatives when their requests cannot be facilitated. Exhaust all options in meeting a client’s expectations.
  • Portray at all times professional and knowledgeable feedback. Correspondence with clients must be polite and concise; never casual or lacking in necessary detail.
  • Leads all handovers especially in relation to flight planning tasks.
  • Assists the Operations Managers and Quality Control Manager with the induction new staff in briefing them about their duties and providing them with a full understanding of all work processes. 

Skills and Experience

  • Holder of valid FAA/GCAA License.
  • Minimum 3 years of experience in computerized flight planning.
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